Welcome, we're happy to see you here at JiveTec's.

JiveTec accompanies businesses and institutions on the development of the company's cross section functions organisation, IT and business administration / controlling. We are concentrating on inefficiency at our clients site whereever we find it.

For this, we prepare feasable concepts, develop missing software, plan the implementation of the concept and carry it out. We are heroes of integration and think systemically. Our work helps in times of consolidation by reducing costs or in times of growth by keeping transparency.

Besides there are quite another pair of good reasons to refuel new spirit with JiveTec. For quick and convincing results in the project, JiveTec applies AgileConsulting, a slim, very flexible and targeted new project practice. Particularly in medium-sized customer structures, this approach is used without friction losses and has the charm to involve resistance to change from the outset of a project.

All business is local: Our particular focus is the development and promotion of the site Charlottenburg. Customers from arround the corner are offered short distances for 1-stop shopping of IT, Org and controlling. JiveTec's solving skills in Charlottenburg are available at short notice without permanent local presence.