CatManDu is an enterprise software for managing financial accounting, materials management, production and logistics in catering. The ERP software supports processes of customer, contract, product and order management and debtor management. Great emphasis was placed on the extensive automation of all processes. With a push of  a button, processes such as contract billing, payments, dunning / escalation management, deferred payment, address research, debt collection and update pupils class wise one level at the start of the new school term, can all be handled according to definable business rules across the entire contract portfolio. The system is designed for single and group contracts and allows the settlement of special state support payments (BUT). There are templates that can be used via a mail merge function for all necessary correspondence with customers.

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CatManDu was developed in an industrial project in cooperation with a major Berlin caterer. Project goals were the significant reduction of processing times, security in the documentation and execution of transactions and permanent information readiness to frequent customer inquiries. Now the customer management contributes to increased efficiency of this company every day.

CatManDu is a browser-based solution for all popular web browsers. Master data are kept in a database. Program interfaces connect the application to the bank, a production system and to customer terminals in the schools. Clients are directly connected by the OrderMenu to their contract and order data.


PHP, MySQL, AJAX, SWIFT, professional cash, DSX IIS