What is important to us

JiveTec advises companies. We want your business to operate efficiently.

Jive is a dance that evolved from Blues, Boogie Woogie and the Rock 'n' Roll. Movement stands for emotion, dynamism and vitality. JiveTec carries this dance in its name because we want to carry this spirit in our projects, because we believe in the need of becoming and change and because we believe that new challenges and joy of life necessarily go together.

Ideas are the raw material of entrepreneurial success. Ideas need to be spread out with confidence and rated, filtered, sharpened, again assessed and then prioritized. This is best achieved through dialogue. We are available as a sparring partner for the critical discussion of your ideas and analyze and detail them where it is deemed necessary.

80% Solutions
Processes of change are naturally accompanied by diverse obstacles. Not always, all obstacles to a better world can be cleared away. In these cases, we prefer to take 80% of the solution to no solution at all.

Agile consulting
We have implemented our ideas in the form of a concept of agile consulting. Compared to the classical approach, agile consulting is characterized by small, concerted development steps. The agile consulting aims to achieve rapid (partial) solutions compared to the development of lengthy concepts. It is ideal especially for projects that enter new territory and impose a learning curve on the parties involved. AgilConsulting lives on the delegation of responsibility and lively communication. Thus, AC is particularly easy to introduce for SMEs or can be used in larger corporate structures with a powerful project sponsor.

For us, this philosophy leads to the following principles: RoomingIn, Microdeployment, ConstantDesign, OpenDocumentation. How this works practically in a project with JiveTec, we can present you in a personal meeting.